This is an extended version of a story I produced for KCRW's 24 Radio Race

As a fun side note, the radio race took place the weekend before the solar eclipse that passed through much of the US. At the time they announced the theme - "Down for Whatever" - Lela and I were camped out with 40,000 people in a huge field in Madras, Ore. waiting for the big event. We headed out that morning to search for the teeth and I did most of the mixing and editing next to the buffet table at a nearby casino late into the night. I recorded the narration in Lela's truck in the middle of the night. After sleeping for 4 hours, I was up again at 6am to make the final edits.

For the extended version, I did rerecord all of the narration in my home studio to avoid the scrappy-truck-scape sound. 

Here is the original 4 minute version: 
Teeth of a Black Dog - Original

Music from Blue Dot Sessions.