Before SquareMile, Joel Shupack produced a podcast called CommonPlace: new world folk tales. The show chronicled stories found on a cross country bicycle trip.

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episode 1

The first few days were spent mainly in solitude. In my first podcast, I bring you the rhythm of the roadempty wheatfields, a swarm of bees and a midnight roadside terror


episode 2

Benge, Washington has no stores and almost no people. I stop to fill up on water and meet Lenny who lives in back of the old general store.

He tell me the stories of his life, of the town he chose to settle in and I think of impermanence.


episode 3

After a chance invitation in Cleveland, I head towards the mythical Turtle Soup gathering in the woods of western New York.

Part One follows the journey getting there.


episode 4

I follow the call of Turtle Soup to the town of East Aurora, New York - where everyone marries their high-school sweetheart, a speargun is never too far away and canned turtle meat in nowhere to be found.

This is the conclusion of the Turtle Soup saga that begin with Turtle Soup (part1)

Here are links to the musicians that so graciously shared their music for this episode:

Michael Chorney and Hollar General | Patchy Sanders | Rachael Cardiello


episode 5 

A story of family, loss and transformation at a defunct roadside attraction in Crawfordville, GA.

Music from:

Matt Templeton - songwriter from Athens, GA I met at the Eddie's Attic open-mic

Franklin Vincent Cox III - professional whistler I met at Jerry Farber's Sidedoor

Breaking Up Christmas - compilation put out by Fretted Instruments in Birmingham, AL featuring local musicians


episode 6 

Valerie Pufahl and I have spent a winter season crafting an audio story following a single winter’s day at Full Plate Farm through the eyes of the farmers, the CSA members and the land itself.


Music by Blue Dot Sessions and Leo J. and the Melee